Music to your ears! Composer deals and music licensing demystified

Unlock the secrets of music licensing! 

Join Gordon Firemark, renowned as The Podcast Lawyer™, as he unpacks the complexities of composer agreements and music licensing for podcasters, especially the scripted-drama genre. 

In this video, you’ll dive deep into the legal nuances of using music in your scripted podcasts, including the specifics of compensation structures and the dual copyrights of compositions and recordings. 

From understanding the ins and outs of contracts to navigating licensing requirements, this video is a goldmine of information for podcast creators ready to elevate their content and stay within the bounds of the law. Gordon’s expertise and experience illuminate this often confusing area, simplifying it in an approachable and easy-to-understand manner. Tune in to protect your podcast, respect the rights of music creators, and truly make your podcast music to your listeners' ears."

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00:00 Music to your ears! Composer and Music Licensing demystified

00:21 Welcome

01:00 Easy Legal For Podcasters (http://easylegalforpodcasters.com)

01:42 Music can make or break the production

02:06 Forms and Template contracts available at http://podcastlawforms.com

02:27 Not a simple contract because music rights/law is anything but simple

02:36 The Composer Agreement - what’s covered

03:31 Compensation structures

03:41 Warranties, Representations, Indemnification

04:50 A caveat about indemnification clauses

05:51 Ad - Podcastlawforms.com

06:39 Licensed Music - what to watch for

06:53 Two (2) copyrights to consider

07:35 The one area where you don't always need a master use license

08:25 The truth about ASCAP, BMI and other Performing Rights Organizations (PROs)

10:01 Why you need to directly license the music you need

10:21 Using Library Music (not actually “Royalty Free”)

11:28 Subscription Music Libraries - the most convenient way to license music

11:37 Epidemic Sound - My affiliate link: https://share.epidemicsound.com/0802w9 

13:12 Creative Commons and Public Domain

16:55 “Business and Legal Fundamentals for Podcast Growth and Profit” Workshop replay available for a limited time (http://event.podcastlaw.net)

17:39 End

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