How to make the most of attending Podcasting conferences

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How to make the most of podcast conferences

If you’re not making time to attend podcast conferences you’re really missing out.I myself attend several conferences each year, and it’s a great way accelerate your learning, network with other podcasters and inject a dose of freshness into your podcast.


 Hello and Welcome back to Legit Podcast Pro, the show that takes you behind the scenes of podcasting to explore the legal, ethical, and business aspects that shape this ever-growing industry. I'm your host, Gordon Firemark, The Podcast Lawyer™.  I’m getting ready to attend Podcast movement in Denver in a couple of weeks, and that got me thinking…. So for this episode, I thought I’d do something a little different with this show and give you some tips on how to maximize your experience, and get some real value from attending.

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Participating in industry conferences like Podcast Movement, Podfest, and others can offer podcast creators a range of valuable opportunities and benefits. Here are five compelling reasons why podcast creators should consider attending these conferences:

* Networking Opportunities: Podcasting conferences bring together professionals from across the industry, including fellow creators, producers, advertisers, and technology experts. Attending these events provides a unique chance to network, build connections, and collaborate with like-minded individuals. You can meet potential guests, co-hosts, sponsors, and mentors who can contribute to the growth and improvement of your podcast.

* Knowledge and Education: Industry conferences often feature a diverse lineup of speakers, workshops, and panels covering a wide range of podcasting topics. These sessions can provide valuable insights into podcasting trends, best practices, content creation techniques, marketing strategies, monetization options, and the latest technological advancements. You can learn from experienced professionals and gain new skills to enhance the quality of your podcast.

* Inspiration and Creativity: Exposure to a variety of perspectives and ideas can spark creativity and innovation in your podcasting endeavors. Attending conferences allows you to see how other creators are pushing the boundaries of podcasting, experimenting with formats, storytelling techniques, and engaging with their audiences. This exposure can inspire you to try new approaches and infuse fresh energy into your show.

* Access to Industry Tools and Services: Many podcasting conferences host an expo or exhibit area where you can explore the latest podcasting equipment, software, hosting platforms, analytics tools, and other resources. This hands-on experience can help you make informed decisions about the tools that best suit your podcasting needs. Additionally, you might find exclusive discounts or offers from exhibitors.

* Visibility and Promotion: Industry conferences are a great platform to showcase your podcast and gain exposure. Whether through panel discussions, speaking opportunities, or networking interactions, you can introduce your podcast to a broader audience. You might even attract potential listeners, collaborators, or sponsors who are attending the conference. Don't forget to have your podcast information ready, such as business cards, promotional materials, and your podcast trailer.

Conferences can be an investment in both time and money, so ensure that you're fully prepared to maximize the opportunities they offer.

All Right… now, here are a few tips, in no particular order to help you get the most out of attending conferences…

Save money by registering early! Most conferences jack up the price the longer you wait.  If you can’t make it, you can often sell your ticket to a friend, so best to invest early.

Book your airfare, hotel (or airbnb) ahead, too… costs go up as the date gets closer

Plan ahead

Get the schedule

Identify your Must See presentations and a few “nice to see”

but don’t overplan. Leave room for serendipity

Set some goals

But be flexible

Stay healthy - before and during

Eat right


Exercise (or at least stretch)

Travel a day ahead, if you can.

Stay for the last days

Prepare for the climate - Denver is a mile higher in altitude.. that’s going to have an impact.  Hotter and colder, Dry air, higher UV index, etc. so bring sunscreen, a hat, lip balm, 

Bring a sweater or jacket… yes, even in Florida!

Leave your introversion in the hotel room

Assume everyone is wearing a pin that says “ask me about my podcast”


Be curious

Be helpful

Don’t eat alone

Rest when you can

Don’t worry about doing it all

Work the hallways

Bring ear protection for the parties

Other essentials: hand sanitizer, lotion, masks, chargers, power banks, medications, mints, energy /nutrition bars

Business cards?

“Elevator pitch”

Sessions are good, but this isn’t school… 

Bring some gear?

“Join” conversations

Invite others to join. 

Offer a helping hand… no more congenial, cooperative, and helpful bunch than this community… let’s keep it that way!

Remember that while attending conferences can be highly beneficial, it's important to plan ahead to make the most of your experience. Set specific goals for what you want to achieve, prioritize the sessions and activities that align with your objectives, and make an effort to engage actively with other attendees. 

So, this summer, Podcast Movement is in Denver Colorado from August 21st to 24th. If you’re coming, look for me! Let’s meet up and sit down together for a chat and get to know each other.

My session is on Wednesday, August 23rd at 2:30 in the afternoon. I’ll be joined by fellow attorney, Lindsay Bowen for a talk entitled “Legal Stuff with the Top Podcast Lawyers”.. and we’re going to go over some of the big legal issues, challenges and solutions we’re seeing in the podcasting arena these days.  It’s going to be a great session, so if you’re attending Podcast Movement, I hope you’ll make some time to join this session.

And of you can’t make it there in person, have a look at the option of purchasing the virtual pass or the session recordings. That’s ALMOST as good as being there in person.

And… don’t forget.. if you’re ready to transform your podcasting journey and take your show to the next level, Register and access this on-demand training now by visiting https://www.gordonfiremark.com/podcastertraining

That’s it for this episode. I’m Gordon Firemark, The Podcast Lawyer™… Thanks for listening. I’ll catch you next time.

Meanwhile, keep on creating great content.

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