!21 Ways to grow your podcast audience

21 strategies to grow your show’s audience

In this episode of Legit Podcast Pro, I’m taking off the lawyer hat and talking about growing your audience.

Hi, I’m Gordon Firemark, The Podcast Lawyer™ , and I help creatives and business people in the podcasting industry cover their legal bases and protect themselves and the things they create.

OK… you figured out how to get good sounding audio. You’ve figured out what kind of content you want to create, maybe how to get good guests…

But then there’s always that one question… it’s the elephant in the room: How can I grow my show’s audience?

Maybe you’re wanting greater reach because you’ve got an important message

Or you want to monetize, and (arguably) you need a bit audience to do that.

Or, you just want the good vibes that come from knowing lots of folks are listening to what you have to say.

But ultimately, you want more “earballs”

Well, I’ve wondered the same thing, and I went out and gathered up some of the ‘prevailing wisdom’ on the subject, and today we’re going to share 21 approaches.

But before we dive in, I just want to let you know that coming up in just a couple of weeks, I’ll again be hosting a free online workshop. It’s called Business & Legal Fundamentals for Podcast Growth & Profit. Inside this session, you’ll learn:

* The 3 prerequisites to truly professional results as a podcaster

* 4 essential components to a solid, professional, businesslike approach to podcasting (or any entrepreneurial activity)

* The 5 biggest mistakes podcasters make that hold them back from easy growth and success

* How to quickly and easily get your podcast's business and legal affairs in order, (without hiring expensive attorneys.)

Register online at http://event.podcastlaw.net.

00:00 - Start

00:14 - Intro Music

00:37 - Hi and Welcome

01:30 - You're invited to the workshop!

02:18 - 1. Consistency

02:47 - Focus on consistency of quality!

03:21 - 2. Promote it!

03:39 - 3. Collaborate

03:55 - 4. Optimize for discoverability

04:11 - 5. Engage with your listeners

04:34 - 6. Attend Podcasting events

05:31 - 7. Utilize Paid Advertising

05:46 - 8. Use SEO to optimize the podcast website

06:07 - 9. Create Sharable content

06:35 - 10. Offer Exclusive Content

07:06 - 11. Participate in online forums and groups

07:29 - 12. Utilize Guest Posting

07:41 - 13. Use email marketing

08:14 - 14. Offer referral incentives

08:30 - 15. Create a community

08:53 - 16. Collaborate with influencers.

09:15 - 17. Use Cross Promotion

09:33 - 18. Attend Live Events

10:13 - 19. Contests, Giveaways, Sweepstakes

10:38 - 20. Leverage podcast directories

10:58 - 21. Transcripts!


12:17 - It 's a sales process.

12:39 - Wrap and reminder about workshop

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